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Equal Opportunities Counselling Service

While you are a university student, as a person with special needs, you are eligible to receive several services to support your studies and to achieve success on the labour-market in the future.

A student (applicant) is considered disabled if he/she is challenged with one or some of the followings: physical, sensory or speech impairments, multiple disabilities (in case of simultaneous occurrence), autism spectrum condition or any other specific learning disabilities (severe learning, attention deficit and behavioural disorders).

The university endeavours to support students with long term medical conditions.


In order to receive the services, register as soon as possible! You can request to be registered any time while you are a university student.

Make an appointment with the equal opportunity coordinator at one of her contact details. We will ask you to show us the medical report stating the type and level of your disabilities and the original copy of your medical report; therefore please bring them with you to the pre-arranged counselling session. You will also need to fill in the equal opportunities form which you may download from here.

Equal Opportunity Services

After registration you may use our services listed below.
None of these are mandatory. In case you would like to apply for either of them, you need to make a request.

  • personal assistance (note-taking/tutor service)
  • modified learning conditions
  • individual equal opportunity counselling  
  • get information about disabled transportation options, request parking card to use it in the university area and make proposals in relation to barrier-free options
  • peer mentoring
  • transition support

You might think that you do not need these options right now.  In case you change your mind later, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible so we can provide the most suitable solutions for you.

Contact details

The equal opportunity disability coordinator can inform you about the registration and the different services and assistance types.

equal opportunity coordinator
Phone: 06 1 463 3983
Office address: 1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rakpart 7-9., Building R  2nd floor (left wing)

autism specific counsellor
Phone: +3614633867
Office address: 1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rakpart 7-9., Building R 2nd floor (left wing)

Student Equal Opportunities Committee

The Committee’s task is to evaluate the requests for registration and modification of learning conditions.

In all cases, it is worth having a prior consultation with the equal opportunity coordinator about the possibilities and the individual support. After that, you need to write a request using your own words.
The benefits are stated in the law. Depending on the special needs, you can request different types of modifications, such as:

  • modification of testing type (written/oral)
  • taking extra time during tests
  • using tools

The members of the Committee:

dr. Gabor Tevesz associate professor, chairman of the Student Equal Opportunities Committee
Lili Török student, delegate of the University Student Union
Zita Demjén equal opportunity coordinator, secretary of the Student Equal Opportunities Committee