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Peer Support Program

Individual Peer-to-Peer Support

Counselling sessions are led by an undergraduate psychology student working under constant professional supervision. The main benefit of peer support is that people may feel more comfortable opening up to a student of the same age.

Typically, the sessions are 50 minutes long and held on a weekly basis. Counselling consists of 4 or 8 sessions on average but it may differ depending on agreement and the nature of the problem. The counselling takes place in a relaxed and discreet environment.  Like graduated psychologists, peer supporters have a duty of confidentiality and maintain the anonymity of the client during supervisions as well.

When to consider asking for help?

  • Issues related to studies
  • Relationship problems (family, friends, partner relationship)
  • Too much anxiety in certain situations
  • Long-lasting depressed mood
  • Adaptation difficulties
  • Coping with loss
  • Difficulties in controlling emotions and anger
  • Behaviour disorders (eating, sleeping and sexual disorder)

Group Sessions


Group games, such as Identity can be a form of peer support. Identity is a self-awareness board game that improves self-awareness, communication skills and can expand knowledge in psychology.     

Players can move around the table by throwing the dice marked with letters. To each letter a pack of cards belongs with tasks and thought-provoking questions on them. There is no winner in this game. The goal is that in the future the players could benefit from their experience gained during the game. Maximum 6 people can play at the same time because of the simple reason that in small groups it is easier to talk freely and the 2 hour long playing time enables each player to take as much cards as possible.
Needless to say that it is important to pay attention to each other, because the feedbacks we get from other people may have large impact on our self-concept. Based on the feedbacks received so far, the players had a great time and gained exciting experience during the game.


ConnAct is a self-awareness board game, which aims to help players to get into their internal world; to have a greater understanding of the fields of life (human relations, self-realization, communication, self-concept, free time, intimacy) and to get to know each other better.

3-6 players can play the game. The human brain shaped table consists of 6 zones which symbolize the 6 fields of life (human relations, self-realization, communication, self-concept, free time, intimacy). The players have to go through each zone to reach the finish line. At each step players have to solve different kinds of tasks to proceed: word fencing with each other, debating, arguing and explaining vigorously. In other cases players have to choose from 5 quotes the one that touched them the most and explain why. Through the wide range of entertaining tasks the players have a chance to present their thoughts and feelings in a creative way.
As can be seen from its name, ConnAct provides an opportunity to connect to other players, to receive feedback and eventually to get an unforgettable social experience.