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We offer skill development trainings and self-knowledge groups on request. In case you are interested in taking part in one of the following trainings in English language, please contact us at You can apply to any of the trainings listed below continuously (at any time of the semester and the exam period), but please be aware that we can only start a training or a group if there are enough applicants interested in it (approx. 12 applicants). We will contact you with the details only if there are enough applicants

CV writing and job interview training

Are you seeking for a job but not sure how to write a proper CV?
Do you feel anxious about job interviews?
Do you have no idea how to prepare for an interview?

During the training you have the opportunity to try yourself in different job interview situations and to learn what you should focus on when it comes to a job interview. As a result you will feel more confident and will have no butterflies in your stomach when you hear the word „job interview”.

Time management training

You finish your assignments in the last minute before deadline?
You needed to skip a party because you had to study?
The study material gets piled up towards the end of the semester?

„I have no time for such things!”

If that was the first thought that came to your mind, we are certain that you could benefit from this training. Learning time management skills is the best investment that is worth the time spent on it. Why exactly?

Join the training, if...

  • you would like to know how to get more things done in less time
  • you have a lot of work to do and you find it difficult to coordinate
  • you find it difficult to start certain tasks and you often procrastinate
  • you get easily distracted from the work you do
  • you would like to learn how to organize your life better

Stress management training

Turn difficult situations into advantage!

During a stress management training session we help you to become aware of the factors that create stress in your work and your private life and to identify the ways you currently manage and cope with stress. You can get familiar with the healthy and unhealthy stress management techniques and coping strategies that may help you reduce the pressure in everyday life or even take advantage of them.  Our aim is to show you a new way of thinking in which challenges are not your enemies, but they support you in reaching your goals.

Conflict management training

We all have conflicts. What would the world be like if everybody agreed on everything? We do need conflicts because they help us to grow and understand each other’s point of view. But first we need to recognize the nature, source and the cycle of our conflicts. During the training we will show you how to use different conflict management styles to resolve conflicts effectively. In addition to that, you will have an opportunity to learn and practice the most effective conflict management techniques.

Self-awareness trainings

Would you like to get to know yourself better? Would you like to understand other people’s behaviour more? Each person is unique. They may behave different from what we would expect or from the way we would behave in a similar situation. As a result, we might feel that we are unable to understand and handle other people’s behaviour, which might lead to ruined relationships and everyday stress. But only if we allow to do so. In the training we provide you useful practical information about the behaviour/personality types while you can also get to know yourself better. The ability to communicate effectively and understand each other can be improved.