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What kind of support can we provide to our Partner Companies and how are we able to do that?

Each competitive company’s goal is to find the best employees. On a daily basis, we experience that younger generations are tend to be more mindful when choosing a workplace. In addition to presenting our partners as attractive employers, we also ensure that with our support recruitment is not just a process of filling a position but it also improves organisational awareness and develops consciousness. Our engineering database is being expanded and refreshed year by year. At present, we are able to reach out to more than 40.000 students.

As a Partner Company, how can you reach out to the best engineers before labour market hires them? What does it mean to find that ideal candidate?

We support our students find the perfect workplace who receives several offers. Conversely, when a Partner Company is looking for the perfect engineer or IT specialist, a BRIDGE is always coming to our mind which is often missing from the system. Our goal is to build this bridge between the company and the student. Everyone has a dream workplace but sometimes a little help is needed to find it. It is equally important to us that both the Partner Company and the student may be satisfied. We make a great effort to help all engineer students or graduates to find the ideal workplace. We also help our Partner Companies to find the employee who fits their organization the most and who is the best-performer in that given position.

Our recruitment methodology
Assessment Centre, competency based interviews and the key to get hired

The purpose of the ACs or competency based interviews are mainly to set up a situation that identifies which competence is coming from the gut and what is driving the candidate in that solution.

“Sell me this pen”! – requested from the candidates invited for the sales position by the leader interviewer or the HR representative. “Here is this logistical situation. Please solve this within 20 minutes!” The difference among the candidates is not whether they have one or two competences to complete the tasks.  Let’s imagine there is a power outage on an EV charging station crowded with bicyclists: will the first thing to do be to “save” the bicyclist Partner Companies or to find out the reason of the technical breakdown and troubleshoot the problem? Both solutions will solve the problem. However, one of them is from the Partner Companies’ point of view and the other one is from business perspective.

That is how companies are different from each other.

Different things are important to them. If we consider this approach when measuring the competences of the future employees, we will be more successful in finding our people: they will be like-minded and take similar actions even if they have to make the right decisions far from us and have to act according to the company’s values. Not only the evaluation criteria but also the recruitment process will fall into place. We can only ask good questions from a candidate if we know what information we need.

  1. As a first step, during the personal meeting (setting up a profile) with the supervisor of the position that you are looking for, we find out all sort of information that helps describe and identify the profile that we are going to look for. Ideally, we meet an employer who is already in the position, who can advise on the situations that were critical in terms of getting hired. With the simulation of these well functioned situations, we look for those candidates whose behaviour is similar to those who have been successful in the position.
  2. Advertising, database, pre-scanning, phone interviews.
  3. During the interviews candidates are categorized according to their behaviour. We compare the similarity of their behaviour with those who got hired and who did not.  We also study how they can impact the company’s business outcomes. During the competency based and the behavioural interview, the candidates are tested from a professional/technical point of view. Our engineers help us a lot in that. We believe that “behaviour can be triggered again and again” that means that the candidate will react the same way in the same situations.
  4. As a next step, we set up a candidate report. While reading it, our Partner Company will get a picture about the candidates so he could feel like he had also been at the interview.
  5. Finally, we introduce 2 or 3 candidates to our Partner Company who we consider the most suitable for the specific position (provide him the possibility to choose but at the same time we do not want to bother him with many interviews). If our Partner Company requests it, we are happy to accompany the candidate to the interview where the candidate is introduced.


Through our services, we build a long-term and trust- based relationship with our students. The services may include carrier services, counselling, skill development trainings, coaching and other programs. In the meantime, our students get to know us and trust is being built. This is also a great opportunity for us to establish networks because they might offer further acquaintances, students and we also offer them our Partner Companies. In terms of our services, it is also important to have a long-term and strategic cooperation with Partner Companies and we would like to propose positions that mean outstanding opportunities to the students. We are continuously in contact with our Partner Companies.

For further details, contact us at the following e-mail address and request our customized quotation: