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From physics (where it means a body’s flexible resistance) to psychology, resilience is a human being’s reactive ability, composed of external and internal factors, to enable effective adaptation and competent action during stressful life events.

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In this material you can read about personalization. We believe, in the face of current epidemiological measures regarding covid-19 it is particularly important to take a look at our thinking mechanisms. We can try and reduce hard feelings caused by our automatic thoughts as much as we can. We hope this matter can help you make a first step toward being mindful about your thinking.

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Stress management during finals

When you are under a lot of stress (e.g. you are about to take a difficult exam that you did not have time to prepare for), you can choose between two options. You either try to change the situation causing stress (e.g. you reschedule your exam date to a later time) or if you cannot do that (e.g. because there is no other date) then you need to accept the situation and also change your behaviour or you need to change the picture that you created about the situation.
See some techniques below that help you to reduce the intensive stress by changing your behaviour or thoughts.

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