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Dear Student


The additional GENERALI private health insurance is free of charge for every Stipendium Hungaricum and Young Christian Scholarship holder student.

The insurance is required, If you don’t have a valid TAJ card

In case you are in need of the Additional Generali Health Insurance, please fill out the document as it follows:

-          Put the date and your signature on both pages

-          Cross all the squares on both pages

-          2 witnesses with name, address, signature

 and bring 2 copies to the BME building „R” Room 10 between the opening hours: (On Mondays 9:00-12:00)

 If you already applied for the additional Generali health insurance and also have an active student status for the following semester the health insurance will renew automatically until 31st August, 2022.

It means - if you have applied in the past, please do not apply again.


1. Declaration example: you can download a „how to” guide from the following link

2. Declaration: You can download the official forms from the following link

3. You can see the Terms and Conditions on the following link

4. You can read about the Product information on the following link

5. You can read about the Customer Information on the following link



Please note that:


  1. Handwritten documents will not be accepted.
  2. It’s forbidden to edit the official document.
  3. Please provide your name as it appears on your passport.
  4. NEPTUN code (required).
  5. A total of 2 date and signature are required.
  6. Sign with two witnesses is needed, otherwise your document will be rejected.
  7. Bring two copies to the BME R building, Room 10 in the opening hours (Monday-Friday 9-12).
  8. We can forward only the properly filled forms to the Generali company.
  9. If any of these details are incorrect, your document will be rejected.